I notice a big change in my attitude and self the days that i meditate twice a day.
Megan, Editor

When you become aware of silence, immediately there is a state of inner alertness. You are present. You have stepped out of years of collective human conditioning.
Eckhart Tolle, Author

I tell everyone I meet how the meditation practice has changed my life. Thank you.
Anne, Care Manager

I have been doing my daily practice like clockwork. Life is grand!!!
Andy, Paralegal

Since learning meditation, I have noticed that I consistently sleep less and have now taken to starting my day 2 hours earlier.
Marianne, Software Developer

Practicing meditation has made me more reflective. I certainly communicate more effectively.
Xiamara, Union Representative

I can't tell you how happy I am that I started this practice! Right now everything in my life is shifting, and I don't think I would be handling it the way I am if I didn't meditate.
Gabriela, Clothing Designer

I am really enjoying meditation and look forward to having my time.
Kim, Homemaker

I have been seeing changes daily. I am more calm and handling stressful situations better.
Megan, Editor

I can feel my stress levels start to shrink and my anxiety levels are down. I definitely feel more present at work and in my relationship.
Michael, Film Executive

After attending this course I have successfully quit smoking, and with my doctor's consent, I have stopped using medication to treat mental disease. Overall, I have a much more at ease sense of being.
J., Retail

Meditation is great. I am having wonderful results and I am so happy I was able to learn from you. My life has drastically changed and improved.
Nina, Student

I've had a very stressful life since early childhood. Thankfully, that is not the case now. Since learning meditation, stress just bounces off of me most of the time.
Leilani, Admin Assistant

I love the meditation! I am much more present and calm. The effects have truly been amazing and I will be embracing this gift you have shared with me.
Claudia, Audio Engineer

Meditation has become a part of who I am. I feel more joy in my life all around because I focus on the positive, rather than getting hung up on the negative.
Steve, Music Executive

When I meditate I feel great, my focus is more clear and I'm happier.
John, Sales Manager

This is the first time in years that I feel good and and now have a tool to keep feeling that way! I'm really excited! Thanks again for sharing your knowledge with us!
John, Sales Manager

I have better concentration and less anxiety, it's hard to believe how much it has helped already. Thank you for being my teacher. I enjoyed the course immensely and look forward to the group meditations.
Jim, Creative Director

Thank you so much for teaching me this wonderful, wonderful practice! i will be forever grateful.
Selena, Singer

I really enjoyed group meditation last Sunday. Since learning meditation, I haven't had a cigarette or caffeine in a month!
Max, Retail Manager

Meditation has helped me create a happier, more sound, and peaceful life for myself. Thank you!
Jennifer, Professor

Meditation has simply become a part of who I am. I am amazed at how easy, effortless, yet rewarding it is!
Jennifer, Professor

Mediation has really started to benefit my day to day life. I am very grateful.
Michael, Film Executive

I am in the groove of meditating 2x day. I have found it a ritual that helps calm my environment and allows me to be more productive.
Andrew, Architect

The benefit I am receiving from this practice is enabling me to be more open in my communication with others and more present in my relationship with my boyfriend.
Meghan, Chef

I'm enjoying my meditation and very thankful to you for being such a talented and balanced guide.
Mark, Market Researcher

The thing about meditation is, you become more and more you.
David Lynch, Filmmaker

After leaning meditation I stopped smoking effortlessly and suddenly! I didn't smoke that much, but I always craved one with a drink. Now that doesn't happen anymore! It's so cool!
Christina, Administrator

The meditation is really wonderful. Overall, I am happier now than I've been in some time. Old friends I haven't seen in a while say I look amazing.
Charles, Musician

Meditation is an integral part of my life now. My mind is more composed, toned down and distant to everyday stresses. I also feel less chaotic and have less aggressive responses to negative situations.
Suavek, Finance Manager

Thank you. Meditation happened at the perfect moment and I'm really excited about this new tool for life.
Mark, Designer

Since learning meditation, I have noticed that I am not 'freaking out' as much over the presentations I have to make at work. Meditation continues to be a relaxing process.
Marianne, Software Developer

I have noticed that I am much more relaxed and am not as reactive as I have been in the past. I enjoy your insights and always come away from our sessions looking at things in a new way.
Melanie, QA Engineer

Christian is an extremely effective teacher. He explains things fully, makes the material accessible and creates an environment where students feel comfortable. I'm so grateful that I learned from him.
Jennifer, Professor

I want you to know how much I appreciate learning this meditation from you and how amazing it is! It's a power tool in my toolbox of life.
Abbie, Artist

Meditating changed my life. The simple act may not seem like much, but what ends up happening, besides creating space in your day, is your awake posture begins to replicate your meditative posture.
Sheryl Crow, Singer-Songwriter

I've been meditating twice a day, and haven't missed a beat. It has so naturally become a part of my routine that I don't consider it optional at all; it just is. I find it the perfect antidote after a long day.
David, Project Manager

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