Christian Bevacqua is an independent teacher of Vedic Meditation, working with individuals to sustain balance and achieve success in all areas of their personal and professional lives.

A graduate of the University of
Pennsylvania, Christian was born in
Brooklyn, New York and raised in the
nearby suburbs of New Jersey.
Awareness of his spiritual path began
after reading Illusions by Richard Bach
and Journey to the East by Herman

Throughout the 1990s, Christian split
his life in two halves.  During the day,
he served as a technical consultant to
several Wall Street firms.  At night, he
delved into his creativity through
writing and performing original music.
His commitment to music led to the
success of his own independent record
label and paved the way to a recording
contract with Reprise Records, a division
of Warner Brothers.

It was on a nation-wide tour that Christian first discovered Venice, California.  By the end of the decade, Christian surrendered to his calling and made a new home in Venice where he continues to live and teach today.

Since then, Christian has been an enthusiastic practitioner of Yoga, under of tutelage of Bryan Kest (yang) and Denise Kaufman (yin). On Valentine's Day, 2006, Christian learned Vedic Meditation from Thom Knoles, the world's foremost instructor of Vedic Meditation outside of India, and a leading authority on the Vedic worldview.  Following in the footsteps of his mentor, Christian began teaching Vedic Meditation within eighteen months of learning the practice.  He finds true joy in teaching this knowledge and building a healthful, vibrant, and conscious community.