"Rounding" combines a simple sequence of yoga positions (Asanas) and a specific breathing technique called Pranayama with your current meditation practice.  The result is an industrial-strength program designed to enhance the restfulness of meditation, release your deepest stresses, and greatly accelerate the benefits of meditation.

Once learned properly, all or elements of Rounding can be added to your home practice, as time permits.

Advanced Meditation Techniques
Anyone who has been practicing Vedic Meditation or transcendental meditation regularly for one year is eligible to receive training in advanced techniques.  Usually the technique comprises an upgrade to an advanced mantra as well as possibly some other adjustments to your meditation program.  These techniques are designed to deepen the meditation experience and refine the senses of perception, resulting in more deep, subtle and fascinating experiences inside and outside of meditation.

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Mentoring Consultations
Private consultations provide the opportunity to discuss your meditation practice and the development of clear strategies and approaches to everyday life situations in a confidential environment.  Assistance with correcting mistakes of the intellect is an essential ingredient to our well-being, and a perfect compliment to our meditation practice.  These sessions deliver sustainable approaches for managing change, expanding personal creative potential and effectively interacting with the demands of life.

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Exploring the Veda
Exploring the Veda is a unique course combining theoretical understanding of the Veda and its practical application in our daily life.

The Veda is an ancient record of spiritual experience and is the source of yoga, Ayurvedic medicine, meditation and Indian philosophy.  The Veda is knowledge of the true conscious intent of the Universe.  Acquisition of this knowledge allows one to attune their awareness to the ongoing and ever-changing laws of Nature, resulting in the ability to experience increased frictionlessness, cognize the right response in any situation and understand what exactly is happening on all levels at any moment.

This knowledge is the most powerful and practical you may ever experience, and will impact your everyday existence on multiple levels.

Course Instructors
Thom Knoles - Thom is recognized as one of the most experienced teachers of the Veda's true meaning and application.  In 10 hours of recorded lecture, Thom delves deeply into the Veda and draws out the essence of the Knowledge in a way that is both accessible and transformational.
Christian Bevacqua - An important aspect of the course is the time for in-depth discussion and exploration of themes with Christian.  These personalized sessions enable students to integrate the Knowledge and relate it back to their own personal experience.

In addition, course participants learn special advanced meditation techniques and programs to be integrated with their regular home practice.

This course of study is an absolute must for anyone interested in deepening their knowledge of the Veda and their understanding of consciousness as it expresses itself through ourselves and the world around us.

"The Veda courses not only gave me an opportunity to understand the Vedic world view that gave rise to this powerful meditation technique, but also proved to be incredibly relevant to understanding the issues and challenges I face on a day to day basis. The Veda courses provide an excellent framework for unlocking further the benefits that accrue from daily meditation. I consider it a real privilege to have had the opportunity to study this knowledge."

Course Fee
The cost is $675.

In order to participate in Exploring the Veda you must have been instructed in Vedic Meditation.

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